Dispute Resolution Board Foundation Region 3

Welcome to the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation

The Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) was founded in 1996 as a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the avoidance and resolution of contract disputes using the unique and proven Dispute Board (DB) method

The Australasian Chapter of DRBF has responsibility for promoting the activities of DRBF in Australia and New Zealand.

DRBF Region 3 helps users of the method by providing information about establishing successful DBs in both Australia and New Zealand.

The following links will provide non-members with a broad overview of the DB concepts and its acceptance within the Australasian market to date.

  • A brief outline of the DB concepts is included under CONCEPTS.
  • A summary listing of known projects which have used, or are presently using, DBs on major projects in Australia and New Zealand can be found under PROJECTS
  • DRBF Region 3 organisational details, current office bearers, and contacts can be viewed at LEADERSHIP.

Membership in the DRBF offers many benefits including access to all information contained on the Region 3 website, some of which is listed below.

  • Sample Dispute Board clauses suitable for use with most contract forms;
  • A library of papers and publications regarding international practice, together with references directly relevant to Australian and New Zealand contract procedures;
  • The quarterly DRBF ‘Forum’ newsletter;
  • Access to DRBF Region 3 activities and future plans;
  • A full listing of all Region 3 members;
  • Direct links to the DRBF’s website, which provides access to the Foundation’s extensive information library and contacts, current updates of the DRBF Manual, recent conferences and conferences planned over the 12 months ahead.

Application forms are available at MEMBERSHIP